I humbly offer my creations, in honor of the sacred infinite, with the hope that they create a spark in you. A spark of mystery, of delight, of curiosity. Maybe even a spark that helps your own journey of self and seeking. Because the truth is that no one else can seek truth, or magic, or healing for you. You can only do it for yourself.

You are your own compass, map, and way.

I know the world can be very dark. I want to tell you that every tug on your heart is a message. About yourself, and about the world. Things should be better than they are. Things can be better than they are. From one jaded, depressed, anxious, dreaming, sensitive human to another, I offer you this: there is magic in this world after all.

It’s the strangest road I’ve ever traveled but it’s the most rewarding I could ever imagine.