Below, the earth. Above, the stars, the sky, the universe. In the middle: you.

Earth holds you in its cupped hands, treasured, protected. Can you feel the gentle pressure of feet or seat to ground? Earth is always there. Earth was there before your form was this and will be there after your form is thus. You are animal. You are held. You are sung to. You are the earth.

The universe calls you upwards, draws your attention with wonder. The stars prickle you and poke you, giggling at your discomfort. The universe expands you. The universe electrifies you. Can you feel yourself waking up, becoming bigger? You are ether. You are vast. You are the universe.

You are the thing in which earth meets sky, animal meets celestial, limited meets limitless. The meeting of the two is synthesis, and being is born. Universe calls to animal and animal delights universe and that is the divine play. Duality creates poles, and poles create circuit, and to fully take part in the divine play of life is to allow it all to pass through you, to be an etheric bivalve awash in the great tidal cycles of being. You are the conduit.